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Our Products

Like you, we are parents and we love watching our children grow and discover the world around them.

We understand how precious your baby's first few months are and know first hand the joys and challenges that accompany becoming a parent. We hope our products offer a calm moment to connect with your newborn as you both take a second to relax, gaze, and wunder.

Thoughtfully Designed

We considered every angle when developing our Mini Mobiles, especially the perspective of the most important user - your baby!


From above, our mobiles retain the natural color of the baltic birch wood, making them an unobtrusive addition to any nursery. From below, they feature playful shapes in fun color combinations. The beaded construction adds depth to the layers which make a pleasant clacking sound when they are batted around.  


Wundermore Mini Mobiles are truly designed to delight and provide just the right amount of stimulation to captivate your newborn.


Simple & Safe

Wundermore Mini Mobiles can be easily secured to infant play gyms and stroller handles by wrapping them around the bar and looping them through the opening in the string.

Safety is our top priority and we spend significant time checking the quality and craftsmanship of our products. We also test them regularly to ensure they meet ASTM safety standards. 


However, products may wear out over time, so we strongly encourage you to inspect all items before each and every use.

Made in the USA

Wundermore is a Vermont-based brand and all our products are original designs. As a company we are committed to keeping Wundermore Made in the USA.


We partner with Maple Landmark, the premier wooden toy maker based in Middlebury, VT as well as ExactBuilt out of Underhill, VT to develop and manufacture our products. We source the raw materials from American companies, with an emphasis on buying local whenever possible.


Customer Care

Our promise is to keep our customer's happy and your children wundering.

If we aren't delivering on our promise (or if you'd like to share positive feedback), please reach out to us at

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